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Ports of Auckland Round the Bays 2012


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Selected photos of ‘Ports of Auckland Round the Bays 2012’.

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The one of the world's largest fun-runs with about 70,000 participants (walkers, runners and wheelchair athletes) is finished with great success. The run is 8.4km long over a flat course that follows the contours of Auckland's Waitemata harbour.

It is started in the city on Quay St and finishes on the waterfront at St Heliers Bay. Aucklanders and a lot of guests of every age, size, shape and speed enjoyed ideal conditions this morning for New Zealand's largest fun run. It happened to be the 40th anniversary Ports of Auckland Round the Bays.  

DATE: 18 March 2012
TIME: 9:30 A.M.
START: on Quay St, Auckland Downtown
FINISH: at Vellenoweth Green, St Heliers Bay
TOTAL DISTANCE: 8.4 kilometres

The best time shown - 28 minutes and 4 seconds was Jono Jackson from Auckland City Athletics Club.

Second was Tony Payne who completed the distance in 28 minutes and 16 seconds.

The first woman across the finish line, Lisa Robertson, her result is 29 minutes and 19 seconds.

The second place took Nikki Hill at 34 minutes and 14 seconds.


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